Sandro's Pictures
(March of '98)

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In March of 1998, our wonderful Italian friend, Sandro Solazzi, visited Cárdenas with his lovely wife, Yanet. Perhaps you've seen the photos of the Parish church (and of their wedding in Cárdenas), that Sandro had sent us previously. During their March trip, Sandro and Yanet photographed many parts of the city for the enjoyment of the Cardeneses spread out throughout the world and their friends. Sandro took a large number of varied photos. He took pictures of street scenes and of many of the city's buildings. He also took pictures in the "Plaza" market, at the cemetery and more. We have taken the liberty of grouping the photos in our own waay in order to present them in this project. The comments and captions that accompany the photos are the author's own.

If you would like to say hello to Sandro & Yanet, you can write them at the following e-mail address in Italy: sandro.solazzi@hq.tminet.net

Despite the fact that the majority of the city is in terrible shape, we've noted that some buildings and homes have been painted. We've also noted more activity in the streets than what was visible in the photos taken 5 and 6 years ago. So I guess that means that some dollars that are going into Varadero are making their way to Cárdenas. Under the despotism of the present regime, who the heck knows what that might mean for our poor hometown and its suffered people.

With great pleasure and appreciation to Sandro and Yanet, we present the photos that they have shared with us:


#1. Roaming the streets of Cárdenas
#2. Present-day Cardenenses
#3. Buildings
#4. Cárdenas Homing Pigeon Federation
#5. At the Market
#6. The Cemetery