Sandro's Pictures
(March of '98)

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#3. Buildings
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The Customs building at the espigón.
Fire station.
On the corner of Calzada and Laborde: With its reliefs and "gingerbread" on the roof, a little mistreated, but still beautiful.
An old pharmacy on the corner of Calzada and Ruiz: The roof caved in on this beautiful building, an it looks like the regime's solution was to turn it into a little park.
Cardenas Electric.
La Colonia Española: It seems to have been fixed in the past few years. It is now being used as a club for oil workers and is called "El Círculo del Petoleo".
The historic "La Dominica" hotel
The Hotel Europa: As Alvarez-Guedes would say, "¡Ñó!", The poor Europa is going from bad to worse.
Protestant church: On Calzada.
The Trinitarian Priests Scool and Church: On Calzada, to the left we see the original classroom building. In the center, we find the church, and to the right the classroom building that was added later, which previously had been the hotel "Isla de Cuba", on the corner of Calzada and Real.
The Cárdenas Liceum: The liceum was on the second floor of this notable building on Calzada and Real, which appears to have been recently painted and looks in good shape.
House in the Mijala: This house in the Mijala neighborhood of Cárdenas belonged to José Fermín Iturrioz, before moving with his wife, Onelia, to their residence in Varadero, named Josone. Iturrioz was the Director and Chief Operating Officer of Arechabala Industries during 30 years.
The Modernista Movie Theater: It was located on the second floor of this other notable building on Real street, between Calzada and Coronel Verdugo.
Oblate Mothers School: The school, founded by a black Catholic religious order, and operated for the benefit of black students, was across the street from the park that has been dedicated to the memory of José Antonio Echeverría and which had formerly been named after Cuba's first republican president, Tomas Estrada Palma. The Echeverría monument can be seen in front of the school building.
The José Arechabala, S.A. offices:Here "Havana Club" rum was born in the years prior to the castro revolution.
Another view of the Arechabala offices, located across the street from the refinery.
Corner of Real street and Obispo avenue.
Present-day San Carlos store on Real street.
Elegant building on the corner of Ruiz and Industria, near the market.
The San Antonio Catholic church on Calzada avenue.
Entrance to the San Antonio church.
Ruins of a former elegance on Real street.
Present-day Cárdenas courthouse: On the corner of Real and Obispo, one of the few buildings that appears to be in magnificent condition. Notwithstanding that, the building has had its history in this regard: Photo in 1957 during the widening of Real street, and later, in 1991, in very poor condition.

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