Sandro's Pictures
(March of '98)

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#1. Roaming the Streets of Cárdenas
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On Real street, looking toward the fort, from between Calzada and Coronel Verdugo: On the right we can see the Cárdenas Liceum building and, on the left, the Trinitarian Fathers school. If you turn right at the corner you will be heading straight toward Varadero Beach.
This is the corner of Calzada Avenue and Real Street: Coming into Calzada, on the left you can see the building that used to house the pre-Castro bakery called "La Vencedora", with the entrance to the old "Esso" gas station visible at the end of the street.
Continuing along Calzada, heading toward Varadero: We pass in front of the San Antonio Catholic Church and we have the opportunity to see another of the "accomplishments" of the Castro revolution: modern urban transportation. Ah-huh.
This shot is taken on Coronel Verdugo avenue, looking toward Real street, from near the Marketplace: A nice example of some of the beautiful structures built in Cárdenas during the Colonial and Republican periods of Cuba's history!
On the corner of Real and Jerez: Here we find the pre-revolution dry cleaning establishment called "La Ciencia", with its faded sign still intact. In pre-Castro days La Ciencia would proudly advertise its "Fast and Efficient Service".
A view of Saez Street: Looking toward the bay, from Calzada avenue.
Another view of Saez street: From Coronel Verdugo avenue.
In various parts of the city.

#1. Roaming the streets of Cárdenas
#2. Present-day Cardenenses
#3. Buildings
#4. Cárdenas Homing Pigeon Federation
#5. At the Market
#6. The Cemetery