Sandro's Pictures
(March of '98)

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#2. Present-day Cardenenses
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Paco the carriage driver: My mom remembers Paco quite fondly. She says that Paco drove her and her cousins on a carriage all throughout Cárdenas one Carnival day many years ago, when she was still single.
Paco and his friend.
The gravedigger at the Cárdenas cemetery: Sandro says that this gentleman has been working at the cemetery for 40 years. If anyone knows his name, please let us know.
Chapotín. This picture was taken in front of the Colonia española, which has recently been fixed up and is currently being used as a clubhouse for oil workers called "El Círculo del Petroleo" for which Chapotín works.
The photographer.

#1. Roaming the streets of Cárdenas
#2. Present-day Cardenenses
#3. Buildings
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#6. The Cemetery