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These forms are provided at this site free of charge to the Internet's general public. They are available for use by copying or printing directly through your Web browser software's print feature.

As each browser sees and prints documents on the Web differently, and each printer has its own formatting characteristics, please be sure that "What You See Is What You Get" when you print. In an attempt to accomodate the huge array of Web browsers and printers out there, the forms have been designed for printing in a 10 point Courier font with headings in bold. A -PRE- command has been used in the HTML code to preempt your browser's attempt to use its normal font (if different) for display and for printing. This may make the forms lack pizzazz, but you can't have everything. Of course if you prefer to copy them you can manipulate them and make them look however you want.


Use these forms at your own risk! Neither the Law Firm of Ernesto J. de la Fé, nor any individual attorney or staff member associated therewith, make any representation nor warranty as to their accuracy, sufficiency, correctness, legality, useability, nor acceptance in any State or jurisdiction. We recommend that you consult with an attorney in your State regarding the use of any of these forms in your legal affairs and transactions. Nevertheless, it is our pleasure to provide them to you.

General Forms:

General Power of Attorney

Limited Power of Attorney


General Release

Promisory Note

Personal Guaranty

Anatomical Gift Donor Card

Real Estate Forms:

Quit Claim Deed

Florida Warranty Deed

Mortgage Note

Satisfaction of Lien

Rental Application

Short Form Office Lease

Short Form Residential Lease

Lease Assignment

Corporation Forms:

Articles of Incorporation

Corporate Resolution

Corporate Minutes

Will Forms:

Simple Will

Living Will