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                         WARRANTY DEED
             (STATUTORY FORM - SECTION 689.02, F.S)

    This Indenture, Made this ________ day of _________________,
19 ________, Between __________________________________________,
whose post office address is: _________________________________,
____________________________, hereinafter called the "Grantor"*,
and __________________________ _____________________, whose post
office address is: ____________________________________________,
hereinafter called the "Grantee":

    Witnesseth:   That said Grantor, for and in consideration of
the sum of Ten ($10.00) Dollars and other valuable consideration,
to said Grantor in hand paid by said Grantee, the receipt whereof
is hereby acknowledged, has granted, bargained and sold to the
said Grantee, and Grantee's heirs and assigns forever, the 
following described land, situate, lying, and being in Dade 
County, Florida, to wit:

and said Grantor does hereby fully warrant the title to said 
land, and will defend the same against the lawful claims of all
persons whomsoever.

*"Grantor" and "grantee" are used for singular or plural, as 
context requires.

	In Witness Whereof, the said Grantor has hereunto set 
the Grantor's hand and seal the day and year first above 

_________________________________   ____________________________
Witness Name:____________________

_________________________________   ____________________________
Witness Name:____________________

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                       ) ss.
County of ____________ )

     The foregoing instrument was acknowledged by me this ______ 
day of _____________, 19 ____ by:_______________________________
who is/are personally known by me or who has/have produced:_____
______________________ as identification and who did not take an 

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