Monument to the Cuban flag in Cardenas

"Primicias": A list of "Firsts" for Cárdenas

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Since its founding, Cárdenas has been a place of many "firsts" for Cuba, America and the world. This fact flowed naturally from the historical progressiveness and work ethic of the city and its citizens. Cárdenas came to be known in Cuba as "The City of Firts". Some of these are more or less important to the rest of the Cuban population, but all of them are, and will always be, important and a source of pride for all Cardenenses. Here is a list of firsts for C&aacuterdenas:

Other historical facts:
Although not rising to the level of first in Cuba or America

A special thanks to Miguel Angel Garrote and José Esteban Fernández Llebrez
for their help in compiling these lists.

Mounumento a la bandera erigido por la industria Arechabala