Monument to the Cuban flag in Cardenas

An 1899 American Perspective on Cárdenas

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In 1899, the N.D. Thompson Publishing Company of St Louis, New York, Chicago and Atlanta, published a two-volume pictorial entitled "Our Islands and their People". This substantial and beautiful work contains many rare early photos of Cárdenas and has the following to say about our city:


The city of Cárdenas, situated thirty miles distant from Matanzas, is perhaps the one striking example of modern progressiveness to be found in all the island of Cuba. Founded but seventy years ago--a truly recent birth for a Cuban city--it to-day posesses a population of 21,000 souls and many of the most substantial and creditable buildings on the island. The city is built on the shores of an extensive bay, twelve miles in length by 18 in breadth. Unfortunately, however, shoreward this body of water is so shallow that vessels of more than average draught are compelled to anchor upwards of a mile from land. For the accomodation of traffic, however, there are some twenty piers from 300 to 1,000 feet in length extending into comparatively deep water. The city is equipped with a substantially built aqueduct, whence an excellent water supply is conducted from a subterrenean river about a mile distant from the city, the abounding of such streams being one of the peculiarities of this particular province.

In addition to its superior water system Cárdenas is far in the lead of other cities of its size in Cuba, and numbers among other enterprises extensive soap and cotton manufactories and several large breweries and distilleries. Cárdenas also derives much of its importance from its traffic in asphalt, vast deposits of which abound at the bottom of its immense harbor...

Our Islands and their People, 1899, N.D. Thompson Publishing Company

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Mounument to the flag built by the Arechabala company