An 1860 Travel Book Description of Cárdenas

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"Cardenas was settled in 1827, and has grown up into a large city of ten thousand inhabitants. It has a fine bay, but is situated in a low, flat ground, which makes it hot and remarkably productive of mosquitoes. So far as wide streets are concerned, wide pavements and fine, handsome stores, it is the first city in Cuba, in our experience. The plaza is a fine one, the market the best we have seen, and the Cathedral in front of it quite imposing. The people have the reputation of more enterprise than in any other city of the island. A very good hotel is kept by Mrs. Woodbury, and you find English much spoken."

R.W. Gibbes, M.D. of Columbia, South Carolina, Travel Book: CUBA FOR INVALIDS (N.Y. W.A. Townsend and Company, February 27, 1860)

Our thanks to Victor R. Sanchez de Fuentes