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Monument to the Cuban Flag

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Cárdenas' Coat of Arms and legend (Dec/95)

Cárdenas' Schools (Oct/3/96)

100 Years of Medical History in Cárdenas (Feb/6/98)

Images of Cárdenas:

  1. Early Images; (Mar/11/97)
  2. Images of the 1930's, 40's & 50's; (May/4/97)
  3. Images of the Present, under Castro.

Sandro's Pictures (March of '98). (Aug/8/98)

Industry and Commerce of Cárdenas (May/24/97)

The Cárdenas Electric Tramway, 1914 - 1929 (Nov/18/98)

Sports in Cárdenas; (Dec/13/01)

Civic Activism in Pre-Castro Cárdenas; (Apr/5/97)

Maps & Aerial Images of Cárdenas (May/29/98)

Monument to the Cuban Flag (Aug/30/97)

Other Monuments in Cárdenas

Municipality of Cárdenas in Exile (May/8/98)

Lourdes's Cárdenas 13/Jan/98

"Primicias de Cárdenas": A List of "Firsts" for this Illustrious City (Aug/5/96)

The "Primus in Cuba" glider (Aug/30/97)

An 1899 American Perspective on Cárdenas and
An 1860 Travel Book Reference (Mar/30/97)

Cárdenas as Seen from Space (Dec/13/01)

Links to other Interesting Cárdenas-related Websites. (May/5/98)

Varadero Beach (5/3/97);


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