Typical horse-drawn carriage of Cardenas

Map of Cárdenas

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The map image that appears on this page is a small representation of the detailed map. The detailed map continues under construction, with increasing references to landmarks and points of interest, along with invevitable corrections. You can see the latest draft of the detailed map by linking to it through the link provided below the small map. It is a large image with all of the city's streets represented on it as well as various landmarks.

You may wish to peruse this small version first in order to get oriented before viewing the large map. When you link into the detailed map you will "arrive" in the northwest corner of the map with, more or less, the insert area designated below as "Start Here" visible in your screen. From there it will be up to you to navigate through the map with your mouse or arrow keys.


Additional Maps & Aerial Images:

  1. Detailed map of the area surrounding
    Cárdenas, including Varadero.

    From Official Military Chart of Cuba
    Geografía de Cuba, Dr. Levi Marrero, 1950, 1965

  2. Aerial Photo of Cardenas
    from the East.

  3. Aerial Photo of the Hicacos Peninsula (Varadero Beach)
    taken from the S.W. at 30,000 feet by Sébastian Charbonneau

Typical horse-drawn carriage of Cardenas