Cárdenas City Hall

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This is Cárdenas' beautiful colonial City Hall. It does't look like there's much going on there, given that all decisionmaking in Cuba emanates from Havana, and more specifically from Fidel Castro. In the late 50's Cárdenas and its closely surrounding areas reached a population of almost 70,000. Today that population has reverted to 20,000, equivalent in number to that of 1899, shortly after the War of Independence.

Looking at City Hall through the park in front of it that was formerly named for Cuba's first president, Don Tomas Estrada Palma. The park is now named after Jose Antonio Echeverría, a young Cardenense who grew up across the street from this park and died in the struggle against Cuba's prior dictator, Fulgencio Batista. The Castro regime has appropriated Jose Antonio's martyrdom for itself, although the Cardenenses say that he was no Communist and would most certainly have struggled against Cuba's present tyrannical regime.

Monument to José Antonio Echeverría